AFA 2012

 AFA 2012!
Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012へ出演が決定しました!

イベント名:Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012(アニメフェティバルマレーシア2012)
会場: Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
ウェブサイト www.animefestival.asia/my

and there's FLOW!!!


*I hope*


Kohshi's birthday party

Seriously, I hate this blogger new interface.



 "Yesterday my friend gave me a birthday party.
MICRO and SHOGO are came after the broadcast of STAND UP JAPAN"


look GOTS's face.
what kind face is that? :3


KOHSHI's otanjoubi


I almost forgot!
 It's 22nd April!

and 35 years ago, 
Ours KOHSHI was born in this damn beautiful world!

I'm not preparing anything for this special occasion like I did last year, gomen ne KOHSHI-niisan.

blame the tumblr and the RDJ fandom!
I got distracted with many things lately. that damn research and of courseb that asdsldhalfhkjk$**^(*& genius, playboy, billionaire, philantropist guy.

 . . .

ma ne,

btw it's coincidencely with the EARTH DAY!

The earth really is our Garden, like KOHSHI's said.


Anime Matsuri 2012 Report


I admit it, this blog kinda lack of new post about FLOW lately.
That's because I got a new tumblr account. hahaha...
and you know what's inside?
It's about RDJude and most of it about Sherlock Holmes.


back to earth.
we start it with Anime Matsuri 2012 in America, Houston, Texas!
@ Woodlands Waterway Hotel & Convention Center (Sunday) 6 th April- (Fri) 8th .


FLOW was appeared in concert in the main event on Saturday, 4/7.

I'll try to summerizing all of Iwasaki-san report.
start from they arrive @ USA till they get back to Japan.

Se, no!!


Day 1

Arrived in L.A : 4 April, 20:14 (Iwasaki's time)
Gots got 2kg over-charge luggage already .

Got to domestic flight to Houston.
and arrived in Houston 3 hours later.

Picked up with limousine once again.

and they got misbooking the hotel! my, my...
they're nearly slept outside that night.

Yappa, they've taken the other hotel near it.

Gotta stop to Burgershop nearby, because they starving. :)


Day 2

5th April

Keigo got Jetlaged that morning.

They have a vacation time, NASA SPACE CENTER!

TAKE and Iwasaki bought some souvenirs too from there.


Day 3

Lunch time, 6th April
They visited the venue
Some souvenir from fans.

Kohshi love it.

Afternoon meeting - visited the Shamisen lesson - then get ready to for autograph session

at night, the opening ceremony and panel discussion.
1 hour of Q&A.
after that, Steak Party baby!

Tomorrow is finally production.

Full with schedule even Kohshi have no time to shopping. :3


Day 4

7th April, morning
Thank to Jetlag, Iwasaki-san got up earlier than usual.
and have a chance to walk in the morning.
and saw this,
batmobile from the dark knight movie.

Today schedule is check sound,

rehearsal at noon,

And the night is finally production.

*crap, so darn bunch of report. suddenly I got bored. I'll continuing this tomorrow.*